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Oh, hello there. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on this blog (insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji) . Truly, I’ve missed it and I’m excited to share many gorgeous images here over the next few months. In-between photographing weddings and family lifestyle sessions this past year, I chose to spend my free time focusing on my family. Being a new mama is challenging, especially when juggling so many responsibilities while running a business. I’m happy to report, with a lot of trial and error, that we’ve created a solid groove which has allowed me to add a little more to my plate, like catching up on a years worth of blogging (lets just insert that monkey emoji one more time).

What better way to get back on the horse than to share some incredible images from my recent travels to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Traveling is basically my love language and always leaves me feeling so inspired. After returning from a trip with Brett and a group of friends back in January, I felt a strong connection to return to this charming part of Mexico. I really can’t pinpoint it but Puerto Vallarta has captured my heart like no other destination I’ve explored.

Upon returning, I reached out to a close group of girlfriends and suggested an authentic Puerto Vallarta getaway. Within a week, we booked our flights and rented the most adorable private villa located in the Conchas Chinas area of Puerto Vallarta. I was beyond excited to return to my happy place, but even more thrilled to venture through this magical city with Chrissy, Katie and Laurie. They have been my rock in so many ways over the past few years. Whether it’s asking for business advice, working side-by-side or exchanging life stories, I can always count on these women. Each of us are Milwaukee wedding photographers working in the same market yet we support one another in every way possible. The fact that they left their families and busy lives behind to schedule a quick getaway means SO much to me. I’ll forever be grateful for their friendship and our PV adventures.


On day two, we traveled along the cobblestone streets taking in all of the picturesque views. We pretty much stopped every 50 feet for photos, something my husband will never understand. ;)
$25 hour long massages on the beach. Yes, please. 

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend making reservations at the Ocean Grill. This adorable beach restaurant is built on a side of a cliff and is accessible by boat or a decent hike into the jungle. We opted for the boat, which we caught in Boca de Tomatlan, a small fishing village about 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. They also have one of the best house margaritas I’ve ever had.

Some of my favorite memories of our trip was relaxing together and taking it all in at our private villa.

If you’ve traveled to Puerto Vallarta and have any recommendations, please leave a comment below. I’d love to learn more about this quaint city overlooking the Pacific.

Until next time, PV.

A few of my local favorites

LeKliff – Stunning views of the bay, excellent food and probably one of the most amazing martini’s I’ve ever had!

Andales – Boogie down to your favorite 80’s music. Everyone here is like family, or maybe that’s how I felt after a few shots.

Casa Montana – 2 bdrm/2 bath authentic spanish villa. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Mama Lucia Tequila Distillery – Don’t leave without buying a bottle of the almond tequila!

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Jane Derksen-Chené - Thanks for sharing…..I enjoyed your photos!

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